Getting to Piauí’s coast is easy by land, on roads that connect Parnaíba to the main close capitals: Teresina (Piauí), Fortaleza (Ceará) and São Luiz (Maranhão).



To get to Piauí's beaches, there are three possibilities:


* Bus: 

Expresso Guanabara is the main bus company operating in Piauí state, but it also connects to the other states of Northeast Brazil. Look for tickets to Parnaíba – PI. It is possible to buy your ticket online on Guanabara's website with your credit card (only for Brazilian citizens – but you can ask your pousada to help you book it!). You can take your ticket at the bus station, right before your trip.

  • Tip: buying tickest within 15 days of advance of your trip, can give you discounts.
  • For a more pleasant trip: take a blouse or blanket, because the air conditioning works in a really cold temperature inside the bus.

For those coming from Teresina, other bus option is Transpiauí, that leaves daily from the capital to the three cities of Piauí's coast. The departure is from the main Bus Station at 4 pm, every week day. To returnm the buses leave from Barra Grande and Cajueiro da Praia at 06 am (or 3 pm on Sundays), passing through Luís Correia and Parnaíba, before returning to Teresina. Check the time schedule of the buses before your travel, because they can be changed without previous notice.

* Airplane to Parnaíba (PHB):

The airline company Azul Linhas Aéreas is operating flights leaving from the airports of Fortaleza (FOR) and Teresina (THE) directly to the Parnaíba Airport (PHB). The trip takes one hour.

Attention: the flights still not operate daily, only on Thursdays (from Fortaleza), Saturdays and Sundays (from both cities). Check the availability of flights on Azul website.

Tip: as the frequency of flights is not daily, we suggest that you stay for one night in one of the capitals (Teresina ou Fortaleza) before heading to Piauí's coast. In one or two days is possible to get to know some touristic points in the cities and then fly to Parnaíba.

  • Sete Linhas Aéreas recently announced that is planning to start flight operation in Parnaíba Airport in June 2015. Wait for more updated information!


* Car:

Travel with your own car, renting one or even hiring a private taxi, you lower the time travelling and have the comfort of stopping wherever you want.

To rent a car, look for car rental companies in the airport upon your arrival. Private drivers or taxi can be hired with one of the local tourism agencies or with the pousada you will be staying.

  • Tip: is not necessary to rent a 4x4 vehicle if you want to stay only in Piauí’s coast.

Path leaving from Teresina - PI

Leaving from Teresina, follow the road BR-343, always following the signs to Parnaíba.

  • Tip: beware to pass through the cities of Campo Maior, Piripiri, Piracuruca and Buriti dos Lopes during your trip. In Parnaíba, follow the signs to your final destiny in Piauí’s coast.

Path leaving from Fortaleza - CE

Follow signs or GPS (recommended) towards the city of Caucaia by the road CE-085 (Rota do Sol Poente, or Sunset's Route). Always maintain on road CE-085 (Rota do Sol Poente) following signs to Jijoca de Jericoacoara.

  • Tip 1: Beware of the main cities you have to pass by on your way: São Gonçalo do Amarante, Paracuru, Trairi, Itarema, Acaraú and Cruz. If you always follow the signs Jijoca de Jericoacoara, there will be no mistake!
  • Tip 2: Avoid the road BR-222 due to bad road conditions.

When you arrive in Jijoca, follow the signs to the city of Granja. When in Granja, follow the signs to Camocim and Parnaíba. On the entrance of Camocim, turn left on the roundabout and follow the Parnaíba signs. Pass by the cities of Barroquinha (always straight through the town) and after, Chaval (follow signs to the state limit or Divisa CE-PI).

After the states border, the entrance to Barra Grande and Cajueiro da Praia will be on your right. Avoid taking the first entrance to the right on the sand road, regardless the sign. It is also possible to get to your destiny by this road, but the paved road is just some kilometers away.

If your destiny is one of the beaches of Luis Correia, follow straight on the main road BR-343. After 2 km, right in front a gas station in Camurupim village, is the road to Luis Correia, on your right. If your destiny is Parnaíba, you have the option of following straight on BR-343 (58 km) or you can go through Luis Correia on PI-116 (68 km.

Path leaving from São Luis - MA

Follow the BR-135 until Santa Rita town (c.a. 95 km). Turn left on BR-222, on the direction of Vargem Grande and Chapadinha. Go straight on road MA-034 until Brejo. Turn right on road PI-214 and left on PI-211, towards Buriti dos Lopes. Then follow the road BR-343 to Parnaíba.

Other option is, besides turning right on PI-214, follow on MA-034 to Tutóia. Then, beware to the entrance on your right MA-345, direction to Parnaíba. In Parnaíba, follow the signs to your final destiny in Piauí’s coast (Luis Correia, Cajueiro da Praia, Barra Grande or Pedra do Sal).

Observation: This second route has been recently constructed, that is why is difficult to find maps considering the path.