Praias do Piauí (Beaches of Piaui) is a guide to orientate your trip around the coast and also through the state, which is increasing as an alternative destination for tourism in Brazil. logo-terrapatris-atelie-pousada-5-2011


Created by the couple Nathalia and Marco Felix from Terra Patris! Atellier Pousada in Barra Grande, Piauí - Brasil


We are from the countryside of São Paulo and in 2010 we fell in love with the beauties and lifestyle in Piauí’s coast. In 2011 we moved definitely to the fishing village of Barra Grande, Cajueiro da Praia in Piauí at northeast of Brazil.

We brought together with us our passion for travelling and, during our adventures around here, we missed having a guide with more touristic information about the coast.


After exploring a bit, we saw that the coast, despite being so small, has a lot to offer to adventurous tourists. Since 2012 we have been travelling, photographing, researching and editing the website, until this version you can see online today. Tomorrow for sure it will be different. On each new discovery, we have more certainty that we choose the right path, sharing experiences of this land that welcomed us so well.

Come with us on this trip and fall in love with Piauí as well!



Most Viewed Beaches

The most charming beach, Barra Grande do Piauí has pousadas in a rustic-chic style and great variety in cuisine.

Barra Grande Piauí

The most urbanized beach of the state is for those who seek accessible beach structure.


One of the main attraction of Piauí's coast, the Delta do Parnaíba is worth the journey!

Delta do Rio Parnaíba

The only beach in Parnaíba city, famous for the sunset, its the best surf spot in Piaui's coast.

Pedra do Sal