The most charming beach of the coast, Barra Grande do Piauí has pousadas in a rustic-chic style and great variety in cuisine.


One of the new hot spots of Brazilian and international tourism, Barra Grande do Piauí is being shown a lot on the press and, as a consequence, attracts lots of tourists that seek tranquility, sport, good food and charming pousadas.


The name Barra Grande means "big inlet", due to the firth of the Camurupim River. A sand crown, only visible during low tide, emerges at the beach and divides the waters, 100 meters offshore. This is unnoticeable during the high tide, when the sea waters come just a few meters from the beach tents, making Barra Grande landscape different trough the day.

Because of the rustic style seen in the village, Barra Grande is being called the “new-Jeri” by many people. Barra Grande was discovered initially by foreigners that arrived in the small fisherman village and were well welcomed by the local population. The constant winds and the calm sea, perfect conditions for kiteboarding, were also responsible for the growing of the beach.

Today, Barra Grande is already an obligatory stop for those who are travelling through the Route of the Emotions, ecological path that connects Jericoacoara to the Lençóis Maranhenses, passing by the Delta do Rio Parnaíba.

Tip: often called Barra Grande do Piauí, to avoid mistaken with other famous Barra Grande, in the state of Bahia.



Barra Grande
is also a nest for turtle’s to spawn (from February to April). Here is also forbidden to drive by the beach! Please respect!

Help and support the local campaign S.O.S. Barra Grande Limpa (S.O.S. Clean Barra Grande) by collecting your trash from the beach. The village thanks you!



Strong winds from July to January

Brazilian press recently discovered the village, what increased considerably the presence of Brazilian tourists in this area, especially during vacation and national holidays. The advertisement of kiteboarding has also contributed for the increasing interest of people on learning this sport, as the beach has the perfect conditions for beginners.

  • For the experienced kitesurfers, the beach also is a great spot for freestyle, especially on the Mangrove Lagoon.

For those who seek for a shadow and a calm sea to play with kids, Barra Grande is also another great option. Several beach tents and restaurants offer comfort to the tourists and the sea is always inviting you for a swim.  As the tide varies a lot during the day, there are good conditions for long walks along the beach and observe fish and shells.



How to get

How to get to Barra Grande

From the road BR-402 (Parnaíba - Chaval), take main the entrance to Barra Grande and Cajueiro da Praia, close to the Camurupim village. From this second road, you can take two ways: the closest is by taking the road that leads you directly to Barra Grande (take the left on the sign - 14 km); the other one you go to Cajueiro da Praia and from there take the road to Barra Grande (8 km close to the beach, more pleasant).


What to do

What to do in Barra Grande

During the day:

It is recommended to have lunch or a snack in one of the beach tents, enjoying the ocean view. There are some restaurants in the central area and also by the main street that are open during the day time.

During the night:

Going to the village night center. It is not the main village center, but an area with charming restaurants, bars and shops, that are open only after the sunset. There are many options to choose what to eat or just have a drink! In case you go during low season (after Carnival until end of May), be aware: the majority of the places are closed during the week.


Seahorse and Mangrove Lagon tour:

Tour made by a local Association (Barratur) that combines a ride with the donkey taxi and then a tour by boat through the mangrove to see the seahorses.

Coroa de Iemanjá:

(Iemanjá’s crown - Iemanjá is the queen of the sea from the Candomblé religion, really common in northeast Brazil).

During the low tide, it is possible to walk towards the ocean on a sand strip. This rock and sand formation (like a crown) only appears with the low tide and give you a nice view of Barra Grande from the sea.





For the experienced or beginners, there are several schools and perfect conditions to ride or learn. If you have at least 5 days in Barra Grande, do the basic course (you will regret it not doing by the end of your trip).

  • Do not forget to kite on La Boca - the entrance of the Mangrove (lagoon). It is possible to book a donkey chart to take or pick you up there, in case you don't want to walk for 1 hour or go 20 minutes downwind.
  • Book with a group a downwind to the beaches of Luís Correia. To come back, please attention: there are no buses connecting teh cities, so it is always necessary to have a taxi to pick you up at the final point of the downwind. 

SUP (Stand-up paddle) and Kayak:

For the days with no wind, it is possible to rent a SUP board or kayak and practice on the sea. If the wind is strong, it is recommended to do a tour in the mangrove.


It is possible to walk through the entire beach, preferably during low tide, when the sand is harder. To the left of the village (west side), you will get to the edge of the beach, where you can see Macapá beach, passing through the mangrove and the lagoon. To the right of the village (east side), you will reach Barrinha beach, a lonely walk on this deserted part of the beach.

Art & Culture

Art & Culture

Find Artists and local culture to enrich your trip do Barra Grande
Barra Grande Hotels & B&B's

Barra Grande Hotels & B&B's

Great options for your stay in Barra Grande: hotels and pousadas that suit your taste.
Houses for rental in Barra Grande Piaui

Houses for rental in Barra Grande Piaui

Summer houses for a cozy stay in Barra Grande.
KiteSurf in Barra Grande Piaui

KiteSurf in Barra Grande Piaui

The best spots to kite in Barra Grande
Restaurants in Barra Grande

Restaurants in Barra Grande

Find the best places to eat in Barra Grande - PI - Brasil
Coroa de Iemanjá is an attraction at Barra Grande. Only during the low tide, it is possible to see it: a formation of sand and rocks, that is hidden by the sea water, in the shape of a crown. Y...
This area has some Bnb and hotels around. For non kiters, it is googd place to be during daytime. Kitesurfers: There are small and sharp rocks at the cost. Be carefull in low tide!...
The mangrove lagoon is the place that kitesurfers look for during wind season, with flat waters and strong wind. Easily accessed by kite (only 15 minutes downwind from Barra Grande or 20 minutes upwin...
Kitespot Croa is the safest place for kite surfing with bar structure in Barra Grande. During the low tide, a sand strip is formed, dividing the sea in front in the shape of a "croa", which gave the n...
Barra Grande - PI was firstly discovered by kite surfers. With them, came the first foreign investments on the region and little by little, came investments from other areas from Brazil, such as S&ati...

Social project idealized by a local kitesurf school, with no profit intentions. Through the teaching of the sport, needy children from the comunity learn important values to bring ...

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The most charming beach, Barra Grande do Piauí has pousadas in a rustic-chic style and great variety in cuisine.

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