The only beach in Parnaíba city, famous for the sunset and surf spot in the state.

Pedra do Sal (or Salt Rock in Portuguese) beach is the only beach in the city of Parnaíba. It is located 15 km away from the city center, in Ilha Grande de Santa Isabel, a pluvial island in the Delta do Rio Parnaíba.

The name Pedra do Sal comes from the accumulation of the sea salt on the rocks. The beach is also known as Pedral, nickname given by the locals.


Many years ago, according to researches, Pedra do Sal was visited by Phoenician sailors that used the spot for astronomical experiments. The legend says that the huge rock blocks that divide the beach hide treasures, left by these sailors by that time. Today, next to this supposed hidden place, there is a lighthouse, the perfect spot to watch the sunset, especially during the period of March and July, when it sets in the ocean.

Nature & Sustainability

With 8 km length, the beach is surrounded by dunes, lagoons and carnauba trees. The sand is white and fine. Two rivers limit the beach: Canárias and Iguaraçu. Here is located the Wind Farm of Pedra do Sal: the oldest from the state, has several wind turbines complementing the view, always remembering the tourist that the wind is always blowing strong here. A nice contrast of nature with technology in a sustainable way.

The aggressive sea on the right side of the beach is known for being the best surf spot in the small state. The movement of the waves hitting the rocks is a nature spectacle, as the same time it modifies the landscape. But the beach also has a more tranquil side, on the left of the rocks and lighthouse, with calmer waters for swimming.

For those willing to kitesurf, also the left side is more recommended, where the wind direction and the tide conditions are better. The downwind from Pedra do Sal take the kitesurfers to experience the amazing Delta do Parnaíba.

How to get

How to get to Pedra do Sal?

From Parnaíba, head to the city central area and cross the bridge over the Parnaíba river, going to Ilha Grande. When you reach the bifurcation, take the road to the right. If you go to the left side, you will end up in Porto dos Tatus, but there is also another road connecting directly to Pedra do Sal. Follow the signs or get information with the locals in the middle of the way.

  • Regular buses connect Parnaíba and Pedra do Sal daily. More information in Parnaíba, close to the bridge over the Parnaíba river.

What to do

What to do in Pedra do Sal?

During the day:

The tourist structure is simple, with some beach front bars that are open mainly during the day and during the weekends. If you want to stay for the night in Pedra do Sal, you can find rental beach houses and familiar pousadas.

  • Attention: during the week, many bars are closed, but you can always find one or two options open.

During the night:

No options available for the night. The best is to stay in a hotel in Parnaíba, in case you are looking for night life, what does not exist in the village.

  • The area where is located the Porto das Barcas – close to the bridge over the Parnaíba River – is a frequent option from tourists in Parnaíba looking for some nightlife.




The best place in Piauí’s coast for surfing.Check the sea tide and waves forecast before going to this beach. Attention: there are no surf schools or places to rent a board. Take your own board and good waves!



as in all the other beaches from the coast, the wind also blows strong in Pedra do Sal. But there are no kiteschools here, so try it only if you are an experienced kitesurfers with your own equipment. On the right side (wavy side) it is not recommended for kiting.

Walking & Running:

Close to the road that leads to the wind farm there is a paved path that makes your running or walking easier by the beach edge.

Famous for being the best (and only) surfspot in Piauí, Pedra do Sal is also a great place for kiting. You should only look for the area after the lighthouse, where the wind blows side onshore ...
The oldest wind turbines from the coast are located here, at Pedra do Sal beach. The park has been growing a lot on the last years, due to the good winds for the power generation. It is not permitt...


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