Getting to Piauí’s coast is easy by land, on roads that connect Parnaíba to the main close capitals: Teresina (Piauí), Fortaleza (Ceará) and São Luiz (Maranhão).

Taxi and Transfer

Taxi and Transfer

Options of private transportation through Piauí's coast
Tourism Agencies

Tourism Agencies

Find agencies and guides to help your visit around Piauí.
Azul Linhas Aéreas airline company operates flights leaving from the airports of Recife (REC) directly to the Parnaíba Airport (PHB) on Saturdays. Also there is a new company called htt...
The road that connects the beaches from Luís Correia was built in the middle of a sand dune area. With the strong winds, especially during high season, dunes take part of the main road, showing...
Start by following signs or GPS (recommended) towards the city of Caucaia, by the road CE-085 (Rota do Sol Poente, or Sunset's Route). Be sure to avoid BR 222 road, always maintain on the road CE-085 ...
Expresso Guanabara is the main bus company operating in Piauí state, but the company also connects to the other states of Northeast Brazil. You Should look for tickets to Parnaíba &...
Leaving by car from Teresina, follow the road BR-343, always following the signs to Parnaíba. Tip: beware to pass through in the middle of the cities of Campo Maior, Piripiri, Piracuruca and Bu...

Most Viewed Beaches

The most charming beach, Barra Grande do Piauí has pousadas in a rustic-chic style and great variety in cuisine.

Barra Grande Piauí

The most urbanized beach of the state is for those who seek accessible beach structure.


One of the main attraction of Piauí's coast, the Delta do Parnaíba is worth the journey!

Delta do Rio Parnaíba

The only beach in Parnaíba city, famous for the sunset, its the best surf spot in Piaui's coast.

Pedra do Sal