Main attraction of Piauí's coast, the Delta do Parnaíba is worth the journey!

Delta do Parnaíba is the jewel of the tourism in the coast. 

Responsible for the majority of tourism in the state, the Delta is a natural formation of the land beneath the river, creating the mouth, where the river meets the sea.

The Delta is also part of the Route of Emotions, eco path that connects three important tourism spots in the area: from Lençóis Maranhenses, in Maranhão state, to Jericoacoara, in Ceará, passing through the Piauí's Delta.



mapa Delta do ParnaibaThere are 2 main options for the tourist to make a boat tour in the Delta do Parnaíba:

Delta Tour by Regional Boat

The Regional Boats are a good option for those who like to know the regional costumes. With the capacity varying between 60 and 85 people a trip, the tour navigates through the Parnaíba River, where you can see beautiful sand dunes and mangrove, until the 2nd mouth of the Delta, Baía das Canárias (or Canary’s Bay in Portuguese) and Pontal. There are two stops for swimming, walking around and taking pictures. The tour by the Regional Boat includes a lunch meal with mangrove and sea food in the boat. .

The boats leave from Porto dos Tatus. The schedule is always on Saturdays and Sundays, leaving at 8 am and returning between 3 pm and 4 pm. The approximate cost is R$ 50 per person, with the meal included.

Delta Tour by fast boat

The tours by fast boat can be for up to 5, 7 or 15 people, depending on the size of the boat. They all leave also from the Porto dos Tatus. The price usually is for the full boat, regardless the number of people, but it also varies regarding the distance of the tour. For example: a short tour of 2 to 3 hours long, on the same route of the Regional Boat, costs from R$ 250 for the boat (5 people). On the other hand, a full tour costs about R$ 800, included the Revoada dos Guarás (a bird flock – see more information below).

After the stop at Pontal, the boats stop for an excellent lunch in one of the chosen restaurants at the Ilha das Canárias (or Canary Island in Portuguese). An advantage of choosing the fast boat is that you have the freedom to choose the stops and time schedule. But the costs can be high if you travel alone or with just another person.

With a fast boat, you can define the tour that best suits you. They are:

  1. Traditional tour to Pontal: same route made by the regional boat;
  2. Feijão Bravo: tour to the dune area, called Pequenos Lençóis;
  3. Revoada dos Guarás (Bird Flock): tour on the end of the day to see the birds on sunset;
  4. Complete tour: all previous tours combined. (*) We advise you take a hole day for this tour;
  5. Other customized tours: such as trips to Tutóia (Maranhão), night safari, fishing and crab catch.

Tourism Agencies for Delta Tours

Tourism Agencies for Delta Tours

Find the location of Tourism agencies to schedule your trip to the Delta in Parnaiba Piauí

Porto dos Tatus is the main way to get on a tour on the Delta do Parnaíba

Here is possible to schedule a tour by boat, in one of the agencies or directly to a boatma...


The beginning of Lençóis

The area called Feijão Bravo belongs to the Maranhão state, in the middle of the Delta do Parnaíba.

The ...


Main Parnaíba´s Delta  beach: long sand strip that divides the river from the sea.

Pontal is the last beach of Piauí state, a beach only accessibl...


A tour so you can see closer the spectacle of the Guará bird flock: groups of this red bird get together in a small dorm island, every day before the sunset, to spend their night at the Delt...

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One of the main attraction of Piauí's coast, the Delta do Parnaíba is worth the journey!

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